Micro-Video engagement

This work looks into the concept of micro-videos and tries to probe user engagement patters using data driven analysis. The first iteration of the work was published in SocInfo 2017. The preprint version can be read here

Nature of social support in Medical communities

I am currently working with datasets of medical support communities online. I am interested in understanding the signatures of help and support for users in distress, quantified using latest representational learning techniques. This project is in collaboration with the Blizzard Institute at Queen Mary University of London and IoPPN at King's College

Explaining Urban Emotions

This is an ongoing project with Bell Labs, Cambridge UK, where I am working on problems pertaining to explainbility in deep learning. I am particularly dealing with learning problems pertaining to intangible properties like Beauty, liviliness, Depression etc. The use case is related to urban scenes and urban ambiance. The applications are pertaining to urban planning and urban activism.



  • Illuminating an ecosystem of partisan websites (To appear WWW 2018)

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  • Like at First Sight: Understanding User Engagement with the World of Microvideos

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  • Structure and dynamics of online patients’ communities: the case of Asthma UK and BLF online fora


  • Fake it till you make it: Fishing for Catfishes



  • Robust transcoding resistant watermarking for H.264 standard

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  • An innovative system for remote and automated testing of mobile phone applications

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  • A Novel Way of Tracking People in an Indoor Area

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